Malaysia Grand Bazaar, which just opened its door on 31 March is KL’s 1st permanent artisanal mall aimed at providing a dedicated and curated platform for artisans, micro-brands, start-ups and art entrepreneurs to scale their businesses into the physical retailing space within a prime location in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur .
MGB is spread across 100,000 sq. ft. of carefully curated spaces with touches of heritage architecture that houses up to 100 artisanal and authentic local brands that pays homage to the creativity and artistry of Malaysians creators and crafters.
Overview of


Property Name Malaysia Grand Bazaar, BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE
NLA 43,000 sq ft
Occupancy rate 64%
Building Size 2 Floors
Number of Stores Approx. 90 stores
Parking Spots Approx. 1,500 units
Environmental Design HL Design
Development Manager Eco World Development Management (BBCC) Sdn Bhd
Construction Design Orange Beam Construction
Operational Management UDA Malls Sdn Bhd
Key Unique Proposition for


General Points:

  • A dedicated hub for authentic and unique Malaysian products such as clothing, arts and crafts, jewelleries, home décor, local snacks, delicacies and more
  • Include Food Empire Food Court with 14 Food and Beverages stalls
  • Mural art masterpieces and instagrammable spots
  • Part of the Entertainment Hub in BBCC next to the 1million sq. ft. LaLaport Mall
  • Anchor tenant include the 2,500 capacity concert hall – Zepp Kuala Lumpur from Japan
  • Supported by the 1,200 pax GSC cinemas with 12 halls (opening soon)

Benefits For Tenants:

  • Low entry cost
  • Fully fitted out lots
  • Small size for start-up brands
  • Affordable rents
  • Rent Incentives Scheme by UDA
  • Strong marketing support from management
Brands at


AA Naturals

A&A Naturals started by a husband and wife duo began its journey with the dream to create amazing premium quality skin & body care products that is affordable to all, to ensure everyone is able to optimize their health and beauty by using safe and natural skin care options. Their goal is to provide a complete line of Malaysian made truly natural high-quality products that are toxic-free The preparation includes the use of naturally-crafted or organically grown medicinal plants, food-grade plant oils and waxes, pure essential oils and a myriad of other high-performance ingredients. All of their products are produced in small, frequent batches to ensure potency and freshness and contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde or sodium lauryl sulphate.

Analogue Apotik

Analogue Apotik is the reincarnation of the romantic apothecary of yesteryear. It was mooted by its founder Adrian as an effort to pick up this same spirit of the old and reintroduce what our traditional pharmacists left off by crafting products that makes sense in modern society. Analogue Apotik’s goal is to be an analogue of the old trade by their crafts, thus bringing them to the debut of their line of easy-to-use men’s solid colognes in a variety of scents. Every single solid cologne carefully with an intention for impact. Each fragrance are designed to be effortless in use and most importantly enjoyable to experience.


An award-winning aroma care artisan that practices the theories of the Earth, harnessing the power of balancing nature’s four elements – earth, water, air, and fire. It all began in a typical Malaysian home garden. An ordinary moment spent harvesting homegrown lemongrass sparked a “what if” thought that soon shed light to the many benefits of this kitchen staple as traditional remedies. This inspired extensive research and development into its applications, led by Eartheories with teams of scientists and academicians. Beginning with the lemongrass, Eartheories focuses on innovating traditional Malay heritage recipes to formulate artisanal aroma care products that heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Trusted Sharks

A local brand company located in Sabah that proudly focuses on Borneo Ethnicity and tribal-inspired design applied in customized apparels such as T-shirt, polo tee, corporate uniform and sport jersey, and lifestyle clothing. The brand was established in 2019 and managed by Mohamad Nazri K Hamid. The idea of setting up this brand started when he retired from playing rugby under Kota Kinabalu Sharks Club and was inspired to produce this homegrown brand. At the initial stage, the business grown from a homebased business and as of today they have successfully opened a total of 3 new branches in Malaysia. The product received positive feedback and high demand from customers, which leads to its expansion of the brand.

Lizara Batik

Since 2010, LIZARA shares Malaysian Batik with the world. LIZARA’s Batik is authentically hand-drawn by Malaysian artisans and locally tailored. Available in fabrics such as silk, satin, crepe, chiffon, cotton, linen and viscose rayon, a Batik fabric can be transformed into just about anything. For the sartorially conscious, this means that the sky is the limit! Be it a Muslimah outfit, contemporary fashion batik apparel, caftan, shawl, gown, or even handbags, the versatility of Batik makes one able to keep Batik touch subtle or a key piece to your look. At LIZARA, only the finest, 100% genuine Batik design makes the cut with silk as our main fabric of choice for its elegance. Luxurious to the touch, what sets our pieces apart is it is hand-drawn exclusively for LIZARA with limited pieces for each design.


Growing up in an artistically and culturally diverse upbringing, Muni the man behind the brand had a particular admiration for eccentric handicrafts, often collected from his father’s many exotic travels; which influenced much of his design style as a designer, while his recent adoption of Japanese sensibility came from an unexpected friendship with a Japanese traveller years earlier. Muni sees the importance of natural dye’s positive impact from an environmental standpoint in finding authenticity in how he does and make things because in a world of growing distrust. Muni saw a future with complete transparency, one that he could offer with the start of his tropical dye apparel brand, MUNI. products that heal the body, mind, and spirit.


A ceramic art brand founded in 2020. Manifested from the inspired mind of ceramic artist Adil Abdul Ghani, RAAQUU intends to make the magical world of Raku ceramics more accessible to ceramic art lovers all over the world. Raku ceramics are special because of the unpredictability of the raku firing technique. Raku firing is done in an extremely hot kiln and then removed while the ceramic piece is still red-hot or molten. Immediately after coming out of the kiln, the ceramic piece is then placed in a reduction chamber – usually a simple metal bin or container – filled with sawdust or paper. The extreme heat from the ceramic piece then ignites the combustible material in the reduction chamber, which is then sealed for a while. What happens inside the reduction chamber next is the key to the unique and unpredictable colours and patterns of each raku ceramic piece. At RAAQUU, each ceramic piece cannot be reproduced. This makes each piece a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art with its own story to tell.


Palmy is cultivated from an agricultural major, Puan Asna’s passion to reduce open burning and save the environment. Since its founding in 2016, Palmy is a lifestyle brand that specializes in beautifully handcrafted paper and textile goods made from agricultural waste such as pineapple leaves, banana, stems and bamboo shoots. From raw materials to our craft’s finishing touches, Palmy is proudly locally made in Malaysia by Malaysians. Driven to make a positive impact towards ecological and social causes, by touching lives through the strokes of art hand paint, the awareness to raise through education and even the experiences we share with the public through agro-tourism.

Cherry Art Studio

Founded in 2007 with the vision to create high quality and exclusive wearable crafts. Each art work is carefully hand crafted and touched up to render its exquisite appearance that will capture the attention of any onlookers. With more than 10 years of experience in traditional Japanese Art of Origami, Cherry Art Studio transformed Origami Art into a unique wearable art that pioneered a whole new spectrum of wearable arts. All of the origami folding are made from high-quality handcrafted Japanese washi paper, carefully hand-folded with love and attention fashioned into lovely curated arts. Their founder, Mr Kenneth has also formed the Origami Association of Malaysia to further develop local appreciation for this art.

Humanity Heroes

Premised as a social enterprise, Humanity Heroes is on a mission to help refugees in Malaysia by giving them a platform to showcase their skills and talents such as cooking, making crafts, decorations, wearables, accessories, arts and other handmade products. They work this group of community to give them a chance to earn an honest livelihood and regain their dignity.

Jas & Co Jewellery

The founder is a jewellery enthusiast which started designing wrap jewellery since 2015. She also enhanced her skills with a professional silversmithing course with Lucy Walker Jewellery Academy in 2019. Jas & Co provides exclusively custom-made jewelleries, remodelling and offers repair service of old Jewellery. They do offers jewellery making lessons as well for all those jewelleries enthusiast.

JYW Jewellery

JYW Jewellery specialises in Jadeite round beads crafted jewelleries. Creating and providing handmade fine jewellery of exclusive designs. Every jadeite produced from JYW jewellery is a work of art, beautifully and precisely carved with the highest precision. Each of the specially carved gems come with good meanings that believed to help turning misfortunes around.



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